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October Tips & Tricks for South Florida Landscapes

The hot days of summer are now gone and the first cool (not cold) front to reach South Florida, has been delivered. Cooler temperatures brings with it the opportunity for us to go outside and enjoy our landscape & garden areas. This month we will be discussing several ways to help improve these environments. Fertilizing… Read more »

Septembers Tip’s & Tricks for South Florida Landscapes

Annuals offer an almost infinite variety of plant form and flower color.They brighten landscapes and add a splash of color to a entranceway, deck, patio or porch. Some may also be used as cut flowers. This month we will be helping you in the selection and use, installation and care of annuals in your landscapes…. Read more »

Palm Tree Disease – Ganoderma is Incurable

    Palm Tree Disease – Ganoderma is IncurablePalm trees symbolize the tropics in the public imagination.  Coconut palms swaying in the breeze adorn advertisements for Florida’s beaches and resorts.  Palms are a dominant feature in the landscape in housing developments throughout Florida.  As landscape plants, palms are valued for their unique shape and the… Read more »