May’s Tip’s or Tricks for South Florida Landscapes

The following is a check list for gardeners for the month of May.

Trees: This month you should be preparing for hurricane season by checking your trees for damage or disease. Now is a good time to prune all trees away from homes & buildings to prevent damage. If you are not sure, hire a ISA certified arborist.

Pests: During warm weather harmful pests become more active. Take early notice of chinch bug damage in St. Augustine grass & mole crickets in  bahia grass turf. Monitoring the garden for insects and disease should be done on a monthly basis. Not all insects cause damage, some are beneficial and eat damage causing insects. If you are not sure, hire a Florida certified pest control operator.

Irrigation: Although most residential & commercial properties have automatic sprinkler systems they should operated based on rainfall. Rain sensors (automatic shut off during rain) to irrigation systems should be checked and adjusted to lowest setting. To much water will cause fungus & disease in our landscapes & turf.

Lawns should be mowed at the following recommended heights: St. Augustine & Bahia turf @ 3″-4″,  Dwarf St. Augustine @2.5″. Mulching the cut grass will add nutrients back to the roots and soil. To prevent or minimize disease in turf, proper cultural practices should be used. If yellowing in turf is visible, fertilizer w/iron can correct the problem.

Plants: While some yellowing of older leaves in plants is normal, yellowing of new growth usually indicates a micro-nutrient deficiency. Fertilizer can correct the problem.

New Landscaping: As we now enter the beginning of our growing season now is an ideal time to plant trees, shrubs, sod and perennials. Remember to water them until they are fully established.

Annuals: Plants that can handle the heat this time of year include: coleus, torenia, wax begonia and caladiums.

Vegetables: some  favorites to be planted include okra, sweet potato, southern pea and tomatoes by plant and not seed.

Herbs: heat loving herbs to be planted include basil, ginger, cumin, rosemary, and tarragon.

I hope the list we have prepared for you helps you with tips to improve your garden. If you need help regarding your landscape, we at Garden Services are fully licensed & insured to handle all of your irrigation, landscaping, maintenance and tree service needs whether it’s a residential, commercial or homeowner association property .