Nursery / Tree Farm

Garden Services 10 acre tree farm and 5 acre nursery are located in Davie, Florida. We are a Florida licensed & registered nursery/tree farm. Florida Registration # 47221270. We produce and sell nurserystock that we know will thrive in the climate where it is to be planted.

Most of our nursery stock is grown from seed or liners and moved up in container size when dictated. This selection includes the healthiest, drought tolerant, trees, scrubs and ground-cover that are available. 100 % of our trees, scrubs and ground cover are grown here in South Florida. We strive to provide value, beauty and peace of mind when you deal with the professionals at Garden Services.

Click above to see our gallery of plants, palms & hardwood trees that are now available. If you are interested in having some new landscaping or trees installed, call or email the office and I will personally get in contact with you within 24 hours.


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