How to Prepare Your Yard for Hurricane Season

treesIt’s June, which means hurricane season has officially begun. If you are living in South Florida, it’s a good time to start preparing for the worst case scenario. One of the best ways to prepare your home is to get your yard and landscape in good shape. Flying debris can be one of the most dangerous events during a hurricane, so preparing in advance is a great idea.


Properly Trim Your Trees

You probably know you should trim your trees before a storm, especially to keep them away from powerlines. But, did you know that improperly trimming your trees could actually do harm? For example, do not remove all the smaller branches and leave the large ones. This could leave your tree top-heavy and more vulnerable to toppling over due to wind. Also, make sure to leave a trees horizontal branches, as these are important to a tree’s structural integrity. Additionally, if a tree is close to a powerline you’ll want to call a professional or FPL to ensure you don’t get electrocuted.


Switch Out Your Gravel for Mulch

If you have gravel in your plant beds, you might want to consider switching it out for mulch before hurricane season. Gravel could potentially turn into a projectile during a storm, while mulch is much less dangerous in comparison.


Stake Down Newly Planted Trees

If a tree has been planted in the last few years, consider adding stakes to make sure they stay secure during the storm.


Cut Down Damaged Trees

If a tree looks like it is sickly or rotting, now might be the time to get rid of it. Assess whether the tree could pose any significant threats to your property or neighboring properties, and don’t delay if you believe it to be unsafe.


Cleaning out the Gutters

Get that ladder out and remove any leaves or debri. Clogged gutters during a hurricane is a recipe for disaster.


Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute

Remember that the city needs to pick up any clippings in advance of the storm. If you think a storm is a possibility, don’t wait. You’ll be busy with securing your home closer to the date, so get this step over with.


Seek Professional Help

Professionals will be able to tell you which trees are a threat or diseased, and will make sure your plants are properly trimmed for your safety. Plus, you’ll be able to work on your other important tasks such as purchasing supplies, putting up shutters, and bringing in all of your outdoor furniture.


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