Professional Irrigation Systems Cultivate Better Lawns

professional irrigation systems

Cultivate a Healthy Landscape – and Lower Water Bills

The majority of residential and commercial property owners tend to use excessive amounts of water in order to keep their grass areas and landscape green and beautiful. This can end up costing them more money than needed.

Professionally installed irrigation systems are more efficient than any other form of watering. Utilizing a watering system installed by professionals means no more watering sidewalks or missing patches of green turf due to inefficient methods. An irrigation system is installed to deposit the exact amount of water, in just the right spots, exactly as it is needed for optimal coverage.

A perfectly irrigated lawn and landscape gets the proper balance and consistency of water distribution that hoses and moveable sprinklers cannot. Your landscape is a reflection of your home or building, so to put your best foot forward means putting in a dependable irrigation system that lets your lawn flourish.

Irrigation Benefits

In the South Florida heat, installing a professional irrigation system will help transform your grass into the green, lush, healthy lawn you want. Lawn irrigation systems are the most cost-effective way to ensure your yard is given the hydration it needs without over-watering (or under-watering). Some of the benefits include:

  • Save Time: Proper irrigation systems do the work of watering for you, so no more wasting time manually watering your lawn and landscape areas.
  • Save Money: In terms of cost, the benefits of having an irrigation system installed outweigh the initial cost of the system, which will pay for itself sooner than you think.
  • Save Water: Having an irrigation system can conserve water while sustaining a healthy landscape.

Overall Water Management

By learning to water your lawn and landscape properly with the help of a watering system, you are able conserve a significant amount of water and still get the healthy green lawn you want to maintain.

Recommended Water Duration

A lawn irrigation system may include two different types of sprinkler heads. These are spray heads and rotor heads, which distribute different amounts of water per area.

Zones utilizing spray heads usually need about 5-10 minutes of run time per cycle .

Zones utilizing rotor heads usually need about 20-30 minutes of run time per cycle.

Overwatering Vs. Under Watering

Signs of Overwatering:

  • Blades of grass wilt and feel limp
  • Increased mowing will be required due to thick thatch growth
  • Lawn is left soggy for longer periods

Signs of Under Watering:

  • Blades of grass wilt and feel crisp
  • Soil is very dry
  • Grass will not quickly spring back when walked on
  • Slower blade growth is noticeable

Overwatering Can Lead to Disease

Excessive amounts of water will make your lawn more susceptible to disease. Here’s what to keep an eye out for to help keep your lawn green and healthy:

  • Rot occurs in the thatch where it is not getting direct sunlight
  • Root Rot – This is a fungal disease which begins at the root system, causing a lawn to turn yellow and eventually, brown
  • Moss – Typically will appear in moist conditions with higher levels of shade
  • Powdery Mildew – A disease which deposits a powdery-white substance over the lawn’s surface area
  • Brown Patch Lawn Disease – This is a turf fungus that creates brown circles throughout the lawn

How To Know Your Lawn is Healthy:

  • Fairly even color range
  • Grass blades will bounce back almost immediately when stepped on
  • Even thatch is present at the soil level
  • Grass blades will have fairly even thickness throughout

Installing and maintaining residential and commercial sprinkler systems help avoid overwatering, which will reduces water waste and eliminate runoff. The irrigation system will ensure a safe and healthy water supply for while you still get a lush, green turf that stays watered and beautiful during the entire growing season for a landscape you can be proud of.