March’s Landscape Tip’s & Trick’s for South Florida Landscapes

As we are entering our spring season, we should all walk our properties in their entireties and take note of the landscape areas that need improvement. Next, was the landscape material the right plant for those conditions. Example, will the plant thrive in too much shade, will the plant thrive in too much sun, is the plant getting too much water or not enough?? All these must be answer prior to new planting. The following is a check  list of thing to be done in the garden this month & happy gardening!


Trees and shrubs should be pruned now that the dormant period season is over. To guard next seasons blooms, pruning should begin after the last flowers drop but before new buds appear.

Mulch should be renewed or added in the landscape beds to reduce weed growth, retain moisture and add nutrients to the soil.

Fertilize lawn, ornamentals & palms this month if it was not already done last month. Remember to always choose a fertilizer based on the specific needs of your (grass, ornamentals and palms).

Landscape plants should be monitored for insects, especially for the presence of aphids on the new growth, especially during warm weather months.

Examine turf for damaging insect problems and early treatment will prevent widespread damage. Rule out all possible problems, such as sprinkler irrigation failures before treatment.

Adjust irrigation based on the amount of rainfall.


Plant heat tolerant annuals for color like crossandra, zinnia, and gazania which will last through the fall.

Warm season vegetables crops like pepper, sweet corn, cucumber, watermelon should be planted now for a late spring harvest.

In addition to their culinary value, herbs are ornamental and attract butterflies to the garden.

Plant trees, shrubs, perennials and annuals and continue watering them until they are established

If you need help regarding your landscape design, we at Garden Services are fully licensed & insured to handle all your irrigation, landscaping, lawn maintenance and tree service needs whether it’s a residential, commercial or homeowner association property. If you ever have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call or email me and I’ll be happy to answer any questions that you might have. Special thanks to UF/IFAS extension for some helpful information provided in this post.