Spring Cleanup You Should Consider For Your Landscaping Services

It’s spring time, and you are probably cleaning up and decluttering your home. However, the outside of your home is what truly makes the first impression. Have you considered doing some extra cleanup in your landscape area? Even in South Florida, winter has likely left you with some fallen branches, leaves, and perennials that need replacing. Spring is the perfect time to breathe new life in to your yard. You’ll be barbecuing, entertaining, and spending days outdoors, and you’ll want those areas to look nice. In this article, we’ll go over a quick checklist on how to get your yard looking ready for Spring!

Where to Start

Begin by removing any debris and dead material from your yard. It’s time to take out the rakes and get moving. Then, on to re-edging your flower gardens and mowing your grass. Once that’s completed, fertilize with a time released granular fertilizer. Apply it to the grass, shrubs & trees. Be sure to water them in with your sprinkler system or hose to release the fertilizer into the ground. This will allow your fertilizer to be better absorbed into their root systems. This time of year is also a good time to see if there are any bald spots in your grass that may need to be resodded. Next, trim and prune plants to encourage new growth.

Adding New Life

Now that your yard is cleaned up and fresh, you are ready to install any new plants you may want to add to your landscape this spring. Keep in mind that many flowers have difficulty in hot Florida summers. Summer begonias or lantanas are a few plants that do well this time of year.
With the right efforts and choices, you’ll enjoy a landscape that will last all spring and summer long.

Check Your Sprinklers

Turn on your sprinkler system, test all zone lines & sprinklers so they are all in good working condition. Perform this complete wet check and your plants, grass & trees will love you for it.

Don’t Have Much of a Green Thumb?

We know this all sounds like a great deal of work. The prospect of tackling the outdoors while you are also getting ready to do your indoor spring cleaning may feel overwhelming. If the idea of elevating your curb appeal without lifting a finger sounds appealing to you, Garden Services is here to help you with all of your spring landscaping needs. Refreshing your yard will fill you with new pride in your home. Call us today for a free estimate on spring cleanup, landscaping, sprinkler installation or repair for anywhere in Broward County.