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May Tips & Tricks for South Florida Landscapes “Gardenia, plant of the month”

Gardenias Gardenias may not be low-maintenance plants, but many Southern gardeners think they’re worth the effort. And now there are hardier varieties available that better withstand typical gardenia problems like sooty mold. Gardenias are evergreen shrubs that grow in height from 2-15 feet (depending on the cultivar), forming mounds of glossy, dark-green foliage. Leaves are… Read more »

March Tips & Tricks for South Florida Landscapes

Disinfecting Your Garden Tools Get ready for spring and the busy gardening season ahead by taking some time to disinfect your horticultural tools. Regularly disinfecting your tools is a good way to prevent disease from spreading in your landscape. There are multiple products available; regardless of which you choose, it’s always important to read and… Read more »