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July’s Tips & Tricks for South Florida Landscapes

July has arived showing us why it is the peak of our rainy season, so turn off your automatic sprinklers this month and let Mother Nature do the watering for you. You should be monitoring your annuals & plants for root rot problems caused by the excessive standing water which suffocates the root systems. This… Read more »

Coastal Landscaping with Salt-Tolerant Plants

If you think that the state of Florida offers a wealth of plant material and a good growing environment, you’re right. But try gardening within one-quarter of a mile on the Atlantic or Gulf  saltwater coasts, and you may have problems. Wind carries salt spray inland, leaving salt deposits on plants. Salt causes water to… Read more »

Palm tree pruning

Palm trees are often planted in the landscapes because of there low maintenance and tropical look. Most palms require regular maintenace including pruning to keep them looking attractive. Many palms maintain a set number of live fronds at any given time. Usually a regular turnover of fronds occurs when the lower fronds die they are… Read more »