Prepare for the worst (cat 4), hope for the best. Are you ready?? This is what you will need!!



□  Flashlights

□  Weather Radio

□  Extra batteries for the above items

□  Water: 3 gallon per person per day for 3 days

□  3 day supply of non-perishable food per person

□  Determine evacuation route

□  Have a first aid kit ready

□  You should have cash or travelers checks

□  And matches in a water-tight container is also a good thing to have

□ Put new fuel in generators and start them to ensure they will work when the hurricane does comes



□  When a hurricane or tropical storm is imminent you should sanitize your bathtub with bleach and fill with water

□  Board up supplies, put up hurricane panels, close accordion shutters

□  You should also do a dry run to ensure preparedness

□  Document condition of home before storm

□   Have insurance documents ready and in a water-tight container

□   Remove loose debris away from house and store outside furniture

Although the above map is the forecast path as of now, there are many computer models are differing. Please follow your local news or weather channel for the up to date forecasted path of Hurricane Matthew.

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